On March 22, millions of Indians stood in their doorways and on balconies to applaud the efforts of doctors and healthcare professionals in the fight against the novel coronavirus pandemic.

With a pandemic underway, doctors and healthcare workers have been working around the clock, risking their lives on the front lines. However, as the virus spreads across the globe, the stigma that comes with it has also taken hold of the masses. 

As per reports, there have been multiple instances of violence against healthcare workers from all over the country. In response to such incidents, Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently appealed to the masses to respect and honour healthcare and emergency workers. People too took to social media to express their solidarity to healthcare workers. Ritesh Kumar’s video titled ‘Save Doctors, Save Humanity’ is one such instance. 

Being a content creator, the lockdown has resulted in Ritesh ( who goes by the name The Comic Boy RK on Instagram and YouTube) investing more time and thought in creating his content. The video is his idea of celebrating the selfless contribution of doctors and nurses in these dire times. Written, enacted, and shot by him, it showcases Ritesh as a doctor whose father is apprehensive about his son going out to attend to his patients at the hospital. It is an interesting piece that presents both sides of the argument – the fear of contagion and the need to overcome it and do the right thing.

On being asked why he decided to make a video on this issue, Ritesh said that he was deeply moved after he watched some news clips of doctors being attacked and mobbed. It made him realize that despite risking their lives for our safety, doctors themselves were not safe from us. “Sometimes people don’t understand the situation until and unless they see it from their own eyes. So, I thought if I showcase the situation practically through a skit, I might be able to change the mindset of at least some people,” he added.