The country-wide lockdown was extended for another two weeks by the Prime Minister this Friday. For the privileged, this means another two weeks of lounging on the bed and working from home. However, it is the daily-wage workers who have been hit the hardest since the pandemic broke out.

Thankfully, there are some who have been going out of their way to ensure that the needy do not go to bed hungry. Abhishek (Boney) Singha from Golaghat (Assam) is one such person. Under the banner of All & Sundry, a not-for-profit organization that he founded in 2012, Abhishek has been distributing care kits to feed the needy.

“Ever since the Janata Curfew on 22 March, I have been distributing these care kits to the people in distress,” says Abhishek. These care kits include rice, dal, biscuits, Dettol, phenyl, medicines, and chocolates for the kids. Additionally, families that don’t require medicines were handed Rs 750-1000 to help cover other costs.

To make sure that people don’t end up getting supplies that they don’t need, Abhishek first makes lists of their requirements and adjusts the items and quantity in the kits accordingly. Every kit has enough essentials to last a family for 30 days.

“I do things very systematically. The idea is to make sure that the surplus is redirected to those who need it,” adds Abhishek. Up till now, he has distributed over 80 such kits to families in need. With the lockdown being extended, Abhishek plans to continue his efforts till he can, without any financial aid from the government or the state. On being asked how he has been paying for the supplies, he says that a part of the funds are donations and the rest comes from his salary that he earns working in the state’s agriculture department.

Abhishek’s efforts are not just limited to feeding humans. With his campaign ‘All We Need Is Love’, he has also been advocating for feeding the strays. “I have been asking people to leave food and water outside their doors. This is to make sure that people do not violate the lockdown protocol and that the strays remain fed,” says Abhishek.

No stranger to social activism and popularly known as the ‘padman of the east’, he has also been campaigning actively since 2017 for menstrual health and has set up a sanitary pad bank to encourage sanitary hygiene.

Team MyyIndia salutes heroes like Abhishek, who are going out of their way to do their bit during these trying times. If you would like to lend a hand to Abhishek and his NGO All & Sundry, you can reach out to him here