By Ashish Kumar

Ghaziabad, May 4

Kavya and Kriti’s weekdays aren’t the same anymore. From waking up as early as 7 am, getting ready and grabbing that quick breakfast bite, to attending back-to-back online sessions amidst all the household buzz, Kavya and Kriti seem like normal characters of this ‘never-ending-only-extending’ movie ‘Life In A Lockdown’, playing out in all our lives since mid-March.

What’s the big deal, you might ask. Well,  Kriti is only 7 and Kavya turned 12 this year.

Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone across all age groups and children are no exception, but unlike adults, they aren’t sulking. Rather they have become warriors. Yes, we have unsung heroes at home too i.e our kids. Battling boredom, uncertainty and unprecedented upending of their lives with a smile.

8-year old Harshita Arya, a Class 4 student, says that she did feel bored initially as she wasn’t able to visit her friends and grandparents but now she is enjoying spending time with her parents and helping them out in actual ‘home-work”. “During this lockdown, I learned new skills like sketching and drawing, and  I watched Ramayan with my parents and learned a lot of things about our culture. I think PM Modi did the right thing by doing this lockdown,” says Harshita.

Lockdown has also brought these children closer to their siblings and parents. “I learned cooking and now help my mother in the kitchen. I play with my siblings more and love doing art-craft activities with them,” says Gauri Tripathi, a Class 4 student, who is now loving her online Kathak classes.

It’s hard for these children to suddenly lose contact with their friends and teachers from school. They crave open spaces to run around. “Though both of us miss doing a lot of things, like playing outside and meeting our friends, we like spending more time with Daddy and Mummy now. Apart from helping us in our studies and assignments, our parents play more with us now. For the first few days, we just didn’t know what to do,” says Kriti’s elder sister Kavya Agarwal, who loves making TikTok videos and painting in her free time. 

Their parents, Maneesh and Shradha, recall how initially they too, like other parents, were worried a lot about their children coping up with such a situation and pressures of new eLearning ecosystems but were surprised to find out that the kids were nothing less than warriors in their own way, utilizing lockdown period to the best of their advantage.

“Their world changed overnight when the lockdown was announced, and they would hardly express their anguish,” says Maneesh Gupta, who works with a leading IT firm in Gurugram but is used to working from home.

It’s said that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but with no access to the society playgrounds and their routine activity classes, children are adopting new ways to maintain their ‘Study-Play’ balance, just like adults striving to achieve their ‘Work-Life’ balance.

Priyansh and Vedansh Singh, aged 10 and 7, have achieved this balance quite well. A peek into their daily routine during the lockdown seems to suggest that they are, in fact, enjoying this period. Not only they are spending more time with their grandfather now by playing chess but also have cut down on their mobile/TV time to practice Yoga daily and engage in a variety of physical sports/activities.

Their parents, Neeraj and Udita are relieved that the boys have got used to lockdown life now. “It seems they are not missing their school that much now as they are more engaged in physical and mental activities other than studies. Even outdoor games like cricket, football, skating, flying drones are now played inside. This keeps them away from watching too much TV and mobile,” they said.

Child psychologist Dr. Preeti Gautam explains, “Earlier Parents use to fill their kids’ days with back-to-back classes, not giving them a breather. This lockdown has not only given them a breather but has also revealed their innate creative side to beat the boredom.”

Corona driven lockdown has forced children to act more mature than their age. Let’s acknowledge that they have been patient beyond their age and intellect, in these testing times. It is not easy for little ones to tame their mind to stay indoors all day all night, for days. But they have done it with aplomb.

So, let’s give them a tighter hug, enjoy those naughty tricks, laugh at their jokes, read them that extra story, comfort their insecurities, and add some sparkle to their life wherever we can.

Till this lockdown is over,  let’s celebrate our heroes at home too, our children.