By Tanya Aggarwal (Runner, blogger, mom, traveller, yoga practitioner, writer. However, at my core, I am a runner girl who loves to write and run to different places in the world. I envy birds because they don’t have to bear any travel expenses!)

It’s believed that staying positive is constant work. I’ve recently experienced something absolutely opposite. I am learning that staying positive is about looking at the thing, place, person, animal next to me. Because there’s joy in everything around us! Yes!

 When I can’t find it in the future, I look for it in the present. When I can’t find it in the present, I look for it in the past! And honestly, the past has never disappointed me. There are endless memories to fall back upon.

I was absolutely alone and stuck in Gurgaon the evening the lockdown was declared. People had started predicting the lockdown a few hours before our Prime Minister went on air. But nobody imagined it would be for 21 days and not to mention 2.0 and 3.0! I had not! My kids were in Chandigarh. My husband was in Bangalore! I could not imagine staying forcibly away from my kids for 21 days! I sat back for 20 minutes! I imagined 21 days alone in an apartment! I imagined not seeing my kids for 21 days purely out of no choice! And then I looked back at the best days of my life, found my force back, and worked on a plan to leave Gurgaon and reach Chandigarh before Delhi’s borders were sealed at 6 am next morning!

Yes, I am a runner and I don’t see myself running during the lockdown. I am with my parents and I don’t want to leave the house and come back risking anyone’s health! I do miss running a lot! Running is more than fitness to me. I have been running for 5+ years now! Honestly – I feel it has given me enough endurance to go without it for a while! The will to run has not left me in the last 6 years, why would it now?

I do running drills, on the spot jogging, whatever I can. I yoga, I strength train. I want to be in my best possible shape with endless energy. I run around my kids, feeding them, I help my mom cook, I stay up walking around doing household chores! I am eating much cleaner because we are not ordering outside food, we aren’t eating anything processed. Drinking a lot more water. Cooking for my kids. I have added a ritual of lighting the evening lamp with my father. I enjoy the aroma of camphor when he lights the lamp. I am not religious, but I like the goodness it brings in. I admire my father’s faith. I cycle with my kids around the lawn in the house! My mom and I enjoy our evening chai together. Occasionally I enjoy a drink with my father. I catch up with my friends all around the world on video calls. I am writing my blogs on my page Journaling a few lines every day to work towards my goal of being a writer someday. Am reviewing books for my followers on Instagram. What am I missing to work on my mental and physical health? 

But what goes around the world affects me heavily. Am sensitive to things I hear in the news. I honestly cannot pretend to be blind. Communal disturbances, atrocities on women, poor kids – the happenings hurt me beyond reason. I feel torn between where I am and what I want to do. While I stay positive, I keep a strict eye on the sufferings of the world. I never shy from sharing the grim with my followers on social media. I ask people to donate, to give. I constantly feel we have too much and we waste a lot. So I never shy away from asking. And that’s how I try to give a positive spin to situations. 

I try. Not always successfully. But I try ! My learning from a lot of shit the world goes through is – giving is one sure-shot way of bringing happiness and positivity into your own life.  In times like these, if you feel low, anxious, helpless – donate to credible agencies because they are doing a lot of good work. When things are better, you can get on the ground and do your bit. You may not be a hugely successful person by the end of it, but you definitely will be a happier one !