By Shahana Khan

The Indian Armed Forces: The one stop solution to all the issues this country has or will ever face.

From building bridges in CWG 2010 to protecting the nation’s pride to rescuing the stranded Indians during the COVID-19 pandemic and delivering medicines and essentials,  you name it and they are there. It is astonishing to see that these people who don’t know how their own families are coping up with this worldwide pandemic are leaving no stones unturned. They are building quarantine /sanitization centres, community kitchens and distributing food parcels – and manning the borders!

One fine day from the balcony of my house, I saw a military truck coming to halt. Within no time they unloaded the vehicle and pitched a small sanitization tent. From about 10 metres from that tent, another tent was pitched where food parcels for the needy were kept. I was surprised to see how meticulous these people were. The procedure was simple: enter the sanitization tent, cross it, collect your food parcel and carry on. Once all the parcels were distributed, they quickly wrapped up everything and left off as if nothing ever existed. I wonder what motivates these men, what keeps them going and when we all are made to stay inside for our safety, who actually cares whether these guys are safe or not. I am not sure whether or we are able to do enough for these men and, if not, do they actually care.