By Lakshita Vohra

The love we receive from animals is unconditional and pure. The puppy kisses and kitten snuggles can melt the most hardened of hearts out there. But as the Covid-19 lockdown forced us indoors, many street animals were left without any food at all! Without the people, restaurants, street vendors, they were suddenly left to starve. Thankfully, not everyone forgot the strays. Many NGOs and animal lovers – armed with masks, gloves, and sanitizers – stepped out every day to feed, treat, and support animals in their regions. Here’s a shout out to some of them –

  1. People For Animals (PFA)
Image Source: People For Animals (PFA) Facebook Page

Renowned animal welfare organisation with a network of about 26 hospitals and around 2.5 lakhs members across the country, People For Animals came up with a crowdfunded initiative PAWSITIVE HEARTS. This initiative is aimed at providing food to the starving strays and raise funds for food and fodder, which can be given to the feeders who need it. 

Contact: 092139 61501

2. The We Exist Foundation

Image Source: The We Exist Foundation Facebook Page

It’s a non-profit organisation aiming to improve the lives of abandoned and street dog community in India. The We Exist Foundation came up with the ‘Full Belly Campaign’ to ensure that the street dogs and cats are given the care and love they deserve through these tough and challenging times. You can donate directly to provide financial aid to support the feeders on their daily feeding drives.

Contact: 098180 91554

3. Sai Vignesh

Image Source: The New Minute

Chennai based Sai Vignesh runs a sanctuary for animals and feeds stray dogs and cattle. In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, Vignesh has been actively feeding strays and has been encouraging others to do the same. going ahead, the young law aspirant hopes to open an animal shelter, a safe place where sick animals can care for, and a place that abandoned pets can call home.

Contact: +91 90800 66731

4. Speak For Animals

Image Source: The Logical India

Bhubaneshwar based Speak for Animals is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation that rescues animals in distress and provides them with veterinary services and medical supplements. In these challenging times, Speak For Animals is calling for volunteers across the nation to do their part and help abandoned pets and stray animals. From feeding the stray animals to providing financial aid, one can contribute to their organisation in kind or with their time.  

Contact: 097772 70804

5. Tauseef Ahmed

Image Source: The News Minute

Tauseef Ahmed from Mangaluru has been rescuing animals for about the past eight years. He started a food supply initiative called ‘We Feed’, and distributed 230 kg of cattle feed, dog food, and cat food free to people around Mangaluru. Also, Tauseef urges people to provide any food items available like rice, chapati, biscuits, bread – especially in times of the nationwide lockdown. 

Contact: +91 81236 09321

6. Friendicoes

It is one of Delhi’s largest animal hospital-cum-shelter and has been feeding stray dogs for over 30 years. They are increasing the number of dogs they help daily and are looking to feed over 1,500 dogs in and around Delhi. Even clothing brand Bhaane by Anand Ahuja and Sonam Kapoor has donated 100% of its sale during the lockdown to Friendicoes. 

Contact: 011 2432 0707