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Lockdown Lessons From Little Warriors

Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone across all age groups and children are no exception, but unlike adults, they aren’t sulking. Rather they have become warriors. Yes, we have unsung heroes at home too i.e our kids. Battling boredom, uncertainty and unprecedented upending of their lives with a smile.

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The Covid-19 Hero of Golaghat

In Assam the lockdown has hit the daily-wage workers the hardest since the pandemic broke out. In these difficult times, struggling families in Golaghat are taken care of by Abhishek Singha – a one man army making sure that the needy do not go to bed hungry.

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IndusInd Bank MyyIndia: Farah Khan and Priya Dutt talk With 2 Corona Warriors

Indusind Bank MyyIndia: Priya Dutt and Farah Khan took out some time to connect via video call with two corona warriors – Mahendra Khandelwal, a 68-year-old retiree from Jaipur who is personally supervising and funding daily meals for over 200 doctors and nurses in his locality and Virender Kumar Sharma, ACP, Preet Vihar, Delhi who is facing Covid-19 situation on the ground along with 3 other family members as frontline workers.

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A Musical Tribute to Covid-19 Heroes

This beautiful rendition spreads hope and salutes the frontline workers who are out there every day. Amid this calamity, there have emerged beautiful stories of humanism and hope, of goodness and giving, of love and compassion that we want to share with everyone.

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