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A Mouthful of Sky: My Lockdown Ruminations

Within a week of the lockdown setting in, and news of starving migrant workers and others who live hand-to-mouth starting to pour in, I began to receive news of efforts being made on the ground to alleviate the situation. In a matter of days, I had heard of ten different individuals coordinating hunger and medical relief efforts with NGOs across the country.

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They Took Care Of Us; I Will Keep Punjab In My Ramzaan Prayers: Kashmiris

“April 21 was a terrible day. We had eaten nothing for two days. All 15 of us in one house were making frantic calls to friends from Kashmir also residing in different cities of Punjab to help us out. Suddenly, a local NGO reached out to us and provided rice, oil, dal, and other basic ingredients to cook food.” said Aijaz. “I will pray for them in my Ramzaan prayers.”

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Belong To Routine

According to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), It takes 66 days to grow a habit. A 41-day-lockdown — that restricts movement, real human interaction, dependence and supply of essentials — has instilled new habits in us all.

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The Caremongers: A Force of Kindness

A single post offering help to the elderly, the disabled and the unwell has blossomed into an India-wide action group connected through the 38,000 strong Caremongers Facebook group and 1,200 members on several city-wise WhatsApp groups.

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