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Men In Khaki

The policemen or women in India have always been either the butt of jokes or inspired fear. The Covid-19 pandemic changed the way I look at them.

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Lockdown Lessons From Little Warriors

Covid-19 pandemic has affected almost everyone across all age groups and children are no exception, but unlike adults, they aren’t sulking. Rather they have become warriors. Yes, we have unsung heroes at home too i.e our kids. Battling boredom, uncertainty and unprecedented upending of their lives with a smile.

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Senior Citizens, Bookmark These Numbers To Get Doorstep Delivery Of Daily Essentials

Practicing social distancing and maintaining self-quarantine is a must for senior citizens. However, essential items like food, groceries, milk, and medicines are so much harder to source if you are older and live alone. To ensure their safety many NGOs, brands, and even individuals have started innovative delivery platforms to serve seniors, disabled or immuno-compromised citizens. Here we have curated a list of people and platforms that are serving seniors during lockdown.

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A Mouthful of Sky: My Lockdown Ruminations

Within a week of the lockdown setting in, and news of starving migrant workers and others who live hand-to-mouth starting to pour in, I began to receive news of efforts being made on the ground to alleviate the situation. In a matter of days, I had heard of ten different individuals coordinating hunger and medical relief efforts with NGOs across the country.

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