is a fresh perspective towards India.

MyyIndia is a people’s movement, where the youth take the lead to unite the country for a cause. It is a platform to share real stories of humanity and hope, of goodness and giving, of love and compassion. MyyIndia, celebrates the “Hero” inside each one of us. Started amidst the Covid19 pandemic and Global Lockdowns, MyyIndia focuses on seeing the new India, that is positive and sensitive towards each other. is an initiative by MyyTake founded by veteran media professional Saurav Banerjee. MyyTake is a new Media startup that is building next-generation platforms for the digitally young. The team consists of award-winning experts and former CXO’s to provide the perfect blend of content, technology and management experience.

MyyIndia is the social campaign’s vertical of MyyTake. Watch out for our upcoming offerings. You can reach out to us at [email protected].